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Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lifts

Published on June 24, 2019

The Brazilian butt lift can give you the aesthetic
that you’ve been wanting. This procedure uses your own body fat to improve the
overall shape of your buttocks. The result is a curvier aesthetic that will make
your friends jealous of that brand-new summer body.

This procedure uses liposuction and fat transfer
to enhance your rear end. Since it’s your own fat being reintroduced to your
body, there is less likelihood of complications than there would be with buttocks
implants. With the use of your own body fat, you can avoid implants while
achieving a desirable rounder appearance.

This treatment is ideal for those who
want a shapely and sexy butt with little recovery time. In addition, it is
beneficial for patients who are not comfortable getting implants. Most of all,
the Brazilian butt lift is perfect for anyone who is trying to get a summer
beach body ready in a pinch.

If you’re ready to say hello to your brand-new beach bod, set up a consultation today! Learn more about Brazilian butt lifts – contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frederick Weniger, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.