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Facial Rejuvenation Bluffton

Unfortunately, changes in the face can not be hidden with clothing and are therefore some of the most frustrating signs of aging. Current technology now offers plastic surgeons a wide spectrum of facial rejuvenation options including:

  • Facelift (or Rhytidectomy) – A facelift rejuvenates an aging face and neck by removing excess skin and tightening the deeper facial tissues. This is an effective procedure for sagging neck lines and jowls, and deep wrinkling of the face. Rhytidectomy is sometimes combined with other procedures such as browlift, eyelid surgery or liposuction under the chin.
  • Eyelid surgery (or Blepharoplasty) is designed to remove excess skin, fatty deposits and wrinkles around the upper and lower eyelids.It will create a more rested and refreshed look. In the upper eyelids, the thin scar in the natural lid crease is nearly invisible. In the lower eyelids, ‘baggy eyes’ or tear trough grooves are addressed.
  • Nasal reshaping (or Rhinoplasty) is aimed at improving both the appearance of the nose and the function with regards to breathing. The patient and doctor, together, set the goals for the procedure. To facilitate this an examination, discussion and review of imaging are useful. Successful reshaping of a nose involves restoring facial balance. At times, chin augmentation may be necessary
  • Chin Augmentation (or Genioplasty) involves improving the apperance of the lower face by changing the position of the chin point. Chin augmentation involves improving the appearance of the lower face by changing the position of the chin point.